Role of mncs

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Essay : Role of MNCs in India

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They have also served as an engine of growth in many sub-Saharan countries. Role of Multinational Corporations in the India Economy: Prior tomultinational companies did not play much role in the Indian economy.

In the pre-reform period the Indian economy was dominated by public enterprises. Therefore, MNCs can play an important role in the technological up-gradation of the Indian economy. 4. Promotion of Exports: With extensive links all over the world and producing products efficiently and therefore with lower costs multinationals can play a significant role in promoting exports of a country in which they invest.

What is the role of MNCs in the process of globalisation? What are some of the MNCs in India? How many MNCs are there in India?

Role of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in Foreign Investments

What are the top 10 American MNCs in India? What is the role of HR in MNCs other than hiring? Ask New Question. How many taxes are given by MNCs in India? Another role can be seen in the increase of money circulation in the economy. MNCs’ activities are very likely to result in profit maximization because one company can provide same service and implement same strategies in several countries (The Economist ).

MNCs can play and should play important roles in such global collaboration. This is why Japanese are looking forward to pursuing comprehensive national security.

The increasing current trend of strategic alliances being formed by MNCs is very encouraging.

Role of mncs
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