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Robert J. Kuntz

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Yet in his final grades Robert Arneson created two as-portraits — Chemo I and Chemo 2 — capturing himself as a contemporary Job figure 1, bother 2, figure 3. It was accepted, I was vulgar, I was not trained, I was a vulgar person.

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They are definite portraits of affliction and despair. For many teachers, Arneson taught at the Work of California-Davis, where he influenced many were artists.

See No Evil Hear No Evil These two eggheads were originally placed in front of the law school building, King Hall.

They were created to take a stab at lawyers since these eggs are talking to each other, but they cannot hear each other and cannot see eye to eye. Life Time Achievement Awards in the Arts: Robert Arneson & Manuel Neri. Two outstanding artist residents of Benicia, Robert Arneson and Manuel Neri, were awarded the very first ever Lifetime Achievement Awards in the Arts by State, County and City officials at the Museum’s VIP reception also received special recognition from Benicia’s own Arts and Culture Commission and.

Big Idea: The Maquettes of Robert Arneson. by Signe Mayfield "The grace of spontaneity, a new kind of attention to process and becoming, innocence at the beginning of things -- reason after reason can be thought of to account for our delight in the preliminary.

Visualizing Mortality: Robert Arneson’s Chemo Portraits Mary Drach McInnes: My body is infested with worms, my skin is cracked and discharging. (Job 7: 5) 1 Beginning a talk on Arneson with a biblical passage is, at best, unorthodox. By Mike Sintetos. His instantly recognizable Egghead sculptures dot the campus.

No Deposit, No Return

But the man behind the art is known for much more than a few bald heads. Robert Arneson, a UC Davis faculty member for four decades, was also at the forefront of a movement that took ceramic art in a new direction.

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Robert arneson
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