Paper nautilus

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The Paper Nautilus

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Order ATM paper online now! The argonauts (genus Argonauta, the only extant genus in the family Argonautidae) are a group of pelagic are also called paper nautiluses, referring to the paper-thin eggcase that females structure lacks the gas-filled chambers present in chambered nautilus shells and is not a true cephalopod shell, but rather an evolutionary innovation unique to the genus Argonauta.

A female argonaut is also described in Marianne Moore's poem "The Paper Nautilus." "Argonauta" is the name of a chapter in Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift from the Sea.

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Paper nautiluses were caught in The Swiss Family Robinson novel. Sep 02,  · You can also see more at our fledgling Instagram, @ncmlittleton.comus (which, for this something millennial, is more intuitive than Twitter), where we share a few more insights to our bookmaking process, day-to-day tasks of being an editor, and shout-outs to former contributors and editors doing great things.

Argonaut (animal)

Paper nautilus definition is - a pelagic cephalopod (genus Argonauta) of which the female has a delicate papery shell. a pelagic cephalopod (genus Argonauta) of which the female has a delicate papery shell. was established in and is one of America’s leaders in therm paper rolls, credit card paper, POS paper and wide format supplies.

Paper nautilus
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