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40dBi Indoor 4G LTE MIMO Antenna(Dual Connectors)

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In conventional multi-input multioutput (MIMO) visible light communication (VLC) techniques such as repetition coding (RC), spatial multiplexing (SMP), and spatial modulation (SM). This omni-directional antenna is suitable for Wi-Fi MIMO applications. The dual-band antenna housed in low-profile and discrete plastic enclosure, is ceiling and wall mountable.

It has RP-SMA male connectors and is perfect for indoor $ Future proof your indoor Wi-Fi deployments with the compact, low profile, high-speed enterprise wireless access points, with Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) beamforming features - the ac Wave 2.

Keywords: MIMO, HSPA+, LTE, indoor network, field measurements. The focus of this thesis is to perform and study indoor measurements with both HSPA+ and LTE MIMO setups.

Home > Vol. 7 > pp. OPTIMIZATION OF CHANNEL CAPACITY FOR INDOOR MIMO SYSTEMS USING GENETIC ALGORITHM By M. A.-A. Mangoud. Full Article PDF ( KB) Abstract: The geometrical parameters of antenna arrays in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) link that will maximise the ergodic channel capacity of the system are investigated.

LAT Indoor MIMO-VLC —Localize, Access and Transmit— Mauro Biagi1, Anna Maria Vegni2, and Thomas D.C.

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Little3 1 Department of Information, Electronics and Telecommunication University of Rome “Sapienza”, Rome, Italy, [email protected] 2 Department of Applied Electronics University of Roma Tre, Rome, Italy, [email protected]

Indoor mimo
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